UnityPoint Health Cook in Peoria, Illinois

The cook prepares entrees, vegetable and pureed foods for the patient food service as well as entrees and vegetables for the employees' and visitors' cafeteria. The cook also assists in cleaning operations within the food service area on a timely basis.

Preparation and cooking.

  • Responsible for properly thawing meats and following safety guide principles

  • Maintains clean and properly sanitized food contact surfaces

  • Uses thermometers to determine proper food temperatures

  • Stores food in the proper manner to avoid contamination

  • Properly washes hands and uses good personal hygiene practices (i.e., fingernails should be trim and clean, hairnets are worn at all times)

  • Uses proper food handling procedures: washes hands, wears gloves

  • Uses general rule of storage principles First In First Out (FIFO)

  • Prepares odd orders of food that are written down on tally sheets which are given to the cooks by the food techs

  • Prepares specially prepared food according to the patient's individual health needs

Maintaining food quality and production.

  • Follows standardized recipes and menus

  • Prepares and serves all items with “eye” appeal

  • Responsible for properly cooked and/or reheated food

  • Follows safety guidelines for properly cooled food

  • Ability to assist in trimming meat properly. vegetable preparation, grinding meat, stirring sauces, preparing soups, and checking on meat while it is cooking, etc.

  • Ability to use proper sanitation principles for cleaning equipment and supplies, meat slicer, cutting boards, utensils, and tables.

  • Consistent with food texture, taste, color and appearance.

  • Ability to prepare catering meals for doctor's staff, daily events and tray line service and cafeteria.

  • Ability to determine proper amounts of food to be prepared to eliminate the possibility of waste.

  • Ability to assist in various ways to make the preparation of meals as time convenient as possible.

Maintains a positive working relationship.

  • Ability to work cooperatively with other members of staff in kitchen

  • Food Aides

  • Process Coordinators, Management, Director

  • All other outside department staff.

  • Ability to focus on customer based needs and continuous quality improvement.

  • Ability to conduct self in a professional manner.

  • Consistent with wearing proper dress code and name badge.

  • Consistent with wearing hair restraints, gloves when preparing foods Fulfills MMCI and department required education

  • Fulfills MMCI and department required education

  • ADA – American Disability Act

  • Hazardous Material Competency

  • General Equipment Safety

  • Keeping You Informed meetings

  • People to People

  • Responsible for serving nutritious meals that enhance the patient's healing process

  • Ensures that well-balanced meals are also available to visitors and employees in the cafeteria.

Fulfills MMCI and department required education. The incumbent must fulfill department and MMCI required educational training in the following areas:

  • Performs the duties of cook, and should have had previous quantity or institutional cooking experience or have completed an apprenticeship or on-job training program. Previous hospital experience would be desireable.

  • ADA – American Disability Act

  • Confidentiality Video

  • Hazardous Material Competency

  • General Equipment safety

  • Keeping You Informed meetings

  • People to People


  • High School Diploma/GED preferred

Work Experience

  • 1-3 years of experience in/with institutional cooking not required, but Preferred.

License and Certification

  • Not indicated

Required English Skills

  • Basic reading skills

  • Basic writing skills

  • Basic oral skills

Communication Skills

  • Ability to respond appropriately to customer/co-worker

  • Interaction with a wide variety of people

  • Maintain confidential information

  • Ability to communicate only the facts to recipients or to decline to reveal information

  • Ability to project a professional, friendly, helpful demeanor

Computer Skills

  • No computer skills necessary.

Requisition ID: 2018-41276

Street: 5401 N Knoxville Ave

Name: 5020 UnityPoint Health Methodist Medical Center

Name: Cafeteria

Posting Minimum: USD $11.21/Hr.

FTE (Numeric Only; Ex. 0.01): 1.0

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Scheduled Hours/Shift: varied 5am-8pm

External Company URL: http://www.unitypoint.org